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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Exe Ale Magazine - latest

The last edition produced prior to the COVID-19 pandemic was Issue 89 of Spring 2020.

A new Issue 90, Christmas 2021 edition, was followed by Exe Ale 91, Spring 2022
and now by Issue 92, Summer 2022.

You can download Exe Ale editions here:

Exe Ale 92 (Summer 2022) PDF Download

Exe Ale 91 (Spring 2022) PDF Download

Exe Ale 90 (Winter 2021-2) PDF Download

Please send any news, information or articles for the Autumn 2022 edition
to Keith D at ku.gro.armac.retexe@rettelswen by 5th August.

Please contact Keith at the above address if you would like to Advertise
in the magazine at the competitive rates shown within.