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Campaign for Real Ale

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Beercation 2022 - Shrewsbury
The outline plan is to go up to Shrewsbury on Monday 13th June and return on Friday 17th.
Obviously anyone can come or go when they like.
A few of us (James K, Bob & Karen, Kevin & Mags and myself ) have booked rooms for 4 nights
at the Shrewsbury Hotel (Wetherspoon).
There may still be a couple of rooms left there. The cost is £316 at time of writing.

Otherwise the Premier Inn is also nicely placed and probably about the same price.
Plus several other places - some pubs - do accommodation in the Town.

As for transport the obvious route by train would be to go via Birmingham New Street.
However a good alternative is to go via Newport and the line up the Welsh border.
Depending on which train and when you book the price should be between £40 and £68
using a railcard.

There are lots of good sounding pubs in Shrewsbury itself to keep us occupied but I am thinking
of going on at least one excursion e.g. train to Ludlow for the Brewery Tap there etc.
Please let me know if you are coming at

Martyn S